On The Go Keychain Cards (Before and After School)

On The Go Keychain Cards (Before and After School)

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The Before and After School cards are the first in the line up for Concrete Conversations' newest line of question cards-- Concrete Conversations On The Go!

You can expect to find questions like "What part of the day are you most looking forward to?",  "Tell me about something you or your teacher read in class?", or "What truths would be helpful to remember before starting the day?". These questions were written to be asked continually as your kids' answers will likely change throughout the school year! Our goal is to help you create some fun and intimate moments before and after your child goes away for the school day.

Each On The Go Product includes 30 questions printed on durable, wipeable cards that you can clip on to your keys, throw in your purse, or keep handy in your glove box or cup holder in your car for on the go question asking. These will be perfect for date nights on the town, in a small group, coffee with friends or a mentor, and of course, before and after school!

We hope these cards make it easy for you to creatively connect with those you love wherever and whenever you find yourself on the go!